How to Crush Febfast

It’s February already and along with it comes Febfast. I can sense your eye roll from here, yes it’s called a challenge for a reason.  However, sobriety really is the new black – for February anyway.   AND it’s only for Feb, which is the shortest month of the year.  YES!

Going grog free for a month has so many benefits, lets look at health.  Better sleep, more energy, stabilized blood sugar levels, better mood, more meaningful conversations, better memory, clarity and weight loss to name a few, then there are the other benefits like no hangovers, save $$ on Ubers, no cravings for hot chips or burgers, you’ll remember all your conversations and you’ll be happier.

Now more than ever it’s easier to go grog free but here are my top tips.

#1 Tip. Rope friends in 

That’s right, get your friends onboard.  There’s nothing quite like having partners in crime and the more friends you get onside the easier your month will be.  It’ll make socialising fun as you’ll come up with ideas for new drinks and different things to do instead of going to the pub or opening a chardy.

Be prepared

Feb Fast doesn’t mean being a hermit for the month.  Check out your social calendar and be prepared.  If you get an invite that says BYO then BYO, ice, limes, lemons, mint, virgin apple ciders, mineral water, zero alcohol beer or spirits.  The bottle-o has so many options, get down there and try them.

It’s all about the glass it’s served in

Drink out of a fancy glass! A softy looks so much better in an interesting glass.

Looks matter

I’m not being superficial.  How your softie looks is important.  Add lots and lots of ice, mint, berries, lime, lemon, make it look good enough to drink.

Have a drink you can order from a bar 

Aussies love a bar and it’s one of our favorite meeting places.  Mineral water is on tap everywhere, ask for fresh lime or lemon.  If you’ve got a bartender that’s knocking up cocktails then ask for a virgin of his or her specialty.  Of course the newly discovered zero alcohol beers or spirits are now being stocked and if they don’t have them then ask your publican – they want to please their customer!

Be Strong  

Stick to it.  You’ve committed so be proud of yourself, there’s going to be temptation or friends that try and talk you into joining them for a drink.  Stand your ground. Be strong.  Your body will love you for it.

On a serious note, Febfast has two main functions 1) to raise money for young people experiencing drug & alcohol problems giving them access to services and support so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives, and to give participants a break from alcohol after the December/January festive season.

It’s a win/win and definitely worth a go, the good news is they allow you to buy a ‘leave pass’ if there’s ever the need.

Good luck and who knows maybe you’ll feel so good that you’ll take it into March?