Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

to 6 weeks of setting health goals, trying new foods and a one day a week cleanse.

No matter what your goals are, these 6 weeks will give you some inspiration, accountability and one day a week to eat clean, nourishing food that’s fresh, alive and full of vitality.  Doesn’t that sounds delicious and make you feel tingly all over?

Having a soup and smoothie will take the pressure off your digestion, think of it as a mini holiday for your tummy.  Eating this way is super energising for all your cells, organs and taste buds.  It’s renewing and vital to optimum health.

There’s a mix of cooked and raw food, that will feed your good gut bacteria, it’s predominantly from the plant kingdom and is nutrient dense.  These are foods that your body will thrive on.  All gluten free.

Everything you need will be accessed through the website at www.radiantpantry.com.au/wellness-community and using the password iamradiant (don’t you just love that!). This will give you exclusive access to the recipes, shopping lists, kitchen tips and other information related to our 6 weeks.  Each Saturday morning the weeks’ recipes & shopping list will be updated on the website.

A couple of things to think about on your cleanse day

*Pick the same day each week and have everything on hand.
*Slow down – make it a day all about you and your health.
*See how you feel if you’re eating new foods – do you feel energized or do you have bloating?
*This will be a reset your tastebuds for a day – no processed sugars.
*Chew your food, digestion starts in the mouth.
*Keep up the water during the day. No coffee or alcohol. Nope, none!
*You may feel hungry, and that’s okay.  Take a drink of water & wait.  It’s okay to feel hungry, remember you will not starve 😉
*Do something nice for yourself on your cleanse day. Go to bed early, pop on essential oils or your favorite scent, dim the lights at night, have a bath, read a book.  Schedule time in your day to relax.

Make the most of me, your health coach.  Put any questions on FB, chances are if you have a question someone else will be wondering the same thing.  Or you can shoot me a text or ask them at our one-on-one coaching sessions.

Have fun everyone.  Remember, it’s all about empowering you to become the Health Coach of your own body.

Sandy x